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No Hurry! No Surprises! Lowest Cost!

When it comes to getting your long-term investment portfolio in place - there is no hurry!

Neither is there a shortage of ‘advisors’ willing to share their ‘wisdom’ - and, as you might expect, there is an ‘infinity’ of ‘portfolios’ you could build – and an ‘infinity’ of RISKS that you may take.

Luckily, you have discovered IRISKONLINE in the time of 2,000 Exchange Traded Funds (‘ETF’s) – rendering the classic 1950’s concept of diversification meaningless.

It does no harm to consider some ETF's as an updated substitute for the old managed fund of the late 20th Century – but more innovative and accessible.

What does this mean for you?

It means that your PORTFOLIO decision is likely to hold many fewer securities – because one traded security itself may contain 1,000 other securities.

For example, on the Australian Stock Exchange, it is possible to hold EVERY listed security in the world – with less than 3 ETF’s in your portfolio – and minimal Management Costs and Brokerage.

Leaving you with ONLY THREE questions left to answer for peace of mind:

How much RISK am I taking?

Where is that RISK CONCENTRATED? and

Am I PERSONALLY risk-averse enough to bear that risk?